Spot Sampler™ Instrument

The Spot Sampler captures fine and ultrafine particles in a concentrated manner for easy, off-line analysis. Its moderated condensational technology enlarges particles without temperature extremes, making it ideal for volatile or biological applications. 

The Spot Sampler is sold through Aerosol Devices Inc.    


• Centerline saturation ratios reach 1.4 while maintaining temperatures below 25°C.
• Dry sample deposits measure just over 1 mm in diameter.  
• High collection efficiency down to <8nm, with no particle bounce

Samples are collected as a sequence of ~1-mm diameter dry spots on a multiwall plate. Upon return to the laboratory, the plate is placed on an auto-sampler which handles all the sample extraction and HPLC or IC injection. Concentrated spots are also amenable to many analytical approaches, such as nano-DESI and LIBS, etc.

Saturation ratio and Temperature along the centerline flow trajectory in the Spot Sampler.  Solid lines are for low particle concentration, dotted lines are for high concentrations.

 Calibration curves showing particle size-dependent collection efficiecy for inorganic and organic particles.         

 Twice-daily nitrate, sulfate and PAHs in Stockton, CA