Aerosol Dynamics Inc.


Who We Are

Research Activities

Water-based Condensation Particle Counters (WCPC)

Growth Cell Particle Collectors (GCC)

Thermal Desorption Aerosol GC-MS (TAG)


935 Grayson Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 649-9360

Aerosol Dynamics Inc. is a small research company specializing in the measurement of airborne particles.

Our goal is to develop better methods and instrumentation for characterizing atmospheric aerosols for air quality monitoring, epidemiology studies and global climate research.

Our technology includes water-based condensation particle counters and collectors, and in-situ instruments for aerosol chemistry.

Our company aims to produce innovative research in a work environment conducive to individual professional development.

Array of particle counters undergoing testing
Condensation Particle Counters undergoing testing in the ADI Laboratory