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Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter

MAGIC is our most recent commercial water-based condensation particle counter. It is portable, battery operable, and can be tipped, or jostled. MAGIC is sold through Aerosol Devices Inc.

What it does:

MAGIC measures the number concentration of airborne particles larger than 5 nm in diameter..

How it works:

The acronym stands for moderated aerosol growth with internal water cycling. Ultrafine particles are enlarged by water condensation to form micrometer-sized droplets that are detected optically. MAGIC’s unique feature is to capture the water vapor needed for supersaturation internally, eliminating the need for internal water reservoirs.

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  • light-weight, portable

  • lower threshold <6 nm

  • motion-tolerant, may be shaken, tipped, or jostled

  • tolerates inlet pressure variations

  • battery operable for ~ 8hrs.

A pair of stacked MAGIC units

A pair of stacked MAGIC units

Calibration curve

Calibration curve

Multiday operation with collocated units, time series and scatter plot:

MAGIC multiday 2.png