Our Latest Technology Developments


in-situ chemical speciation of semi-volatile vapors and particles


1-nm particle counting with water-based condensation


1 Hz, mobility-based particle sizing from 10nm to 500 nm

Commercial instruments Based on Aerosol Dynamics Technology 

Water-based Condensation Particle Counters

ultrafine, airborne particles number concentration measurement

Spot Sampler™ Particle Collector

compact, motion-tolerant, water-based condensation particle counting

Spot Sampler Particle Collector
concentrated airborne particle collection for chemical analyses

viable airborne particle collection for bio-assays

Thermal Desorption Aerosol Gas Chromatograph (TAG)

in-situ, molecular speciation of organic aerosols

Aerosol Dynamics Inc. has a complete aerosol research laboratory for evaluating the instruments we develop. Capabilities for particle generation, detection and chemical analyses span the size range from 0.001µm to 10µm.