MAGIC is our most recent commercial water-based condensation particle counter. It is portable, battery operable, and can be tipped, or jostled.

MAGIC is sold through
Aerosol Devices Inc.

Manufactured in the USA by Aerosol Dynamics Inc.  Sold through Aerosol Devices Inc. under sublicense from TSI Inc. Patents #6712881 and #8801838; German patent #10392241. Other patents pending.

Hering, S. V., Spielman, S. R., Lewis, G. L. (2014) Moderated, water-based condensational growth of particles in a laminar flow. Aerosol Science and Technology 48:401-40.

What it does:

MAGIC measures the number concentration of airborne particles larger than 5 nm in diameter.

How it works:

Growth with
Internal water

Ultrafine particles are enlarged by water condensation to form micrometer-sized droplets that are detected optically. MAGIC’s unique feature is to capture the water vapor needed for supersaturation internally, eliminating the need for internal water reservoirs.


• light-weight & portable
• lower threshold <6 nm
• motion-tolerant: shaken, tipped, or jostled
• tolerates inlet pressure variations
• battery operable for ~ 8hrs.

Calibration curves showing particle size-dependent response

Multiday operation with collocated units, time series, and scatter plot