“Comprehensive TAG”, developed with UC Berkeley, extends the thermal desorption aerosol gas chromatography to include semi-volatile vapors as well as particles, spanning C10 to C30 compounds.

How it works:

cTAG extends the collection capability of the TAG family to include gas phase precursors that form aerosols in the atmosphere, which is one of the major sources of organic particle content. The cTAG is built around two independent collection and gas chromatography modules coupled to a shared time-of-flight mass spectrometer (gc-HRTOF by Tofwerks). Custom miniature gas chromatographs have been developed to separate molecular species in the gas and particle channels. Each channel features a custom collection cells optimized for the two volatility ranges to be measured plus dedicated online calibration modules for full quantification. The instrument is fully automated including calibrations for continuous, unattended operation in the field.